To improve, expand and excel in our business and to become the preferred service provider and purveyor of a variety of benefit, risk and wealth solutions to individual, commercial and corporate customers within the Southern African and other international markets.


To create exclusive, sustainable and significant competitive advantage, opportunity, value and wealth for discerning customers and shareholders through a choice of customer-centric and customized products and services; intelligent growth; innovation; research; solutions; and the best possible attention, care, service delivery and systems thinking business’ ability to provide world-class service delivery and customer pampering.

To our customers, the combination of our highly personalised attention, our quest for service delivery and the sale of our products and services; represents:

  • Freedom from anxiety, apprehension and worry;
  • Hope for the future;
  • Peace-of-mind;
  • Protection against calamities and a reversal of fortune;
  • Protection of the hard-earned assets and life-style;
  • The ability to take Life’s knocks beautifully and gracefully;
  • The ability to turn grudge payments into life-long investments; and
  • True value-for-money.